Usage & Attitude

How does an innovative company stay close to its consumers and prospects -  understanding their needs and opinions about the companies, products and services they buy?

Market research, when done well, can be an effective way to put consumer opinion in the hands of your business decision makers - your product designers, customer service teams, and marketing strategists. Even in today's social media age where, arguably, a few vocal customers can be mistaken for the majority opinion, applying a rigorous, quantitative approach to understanding customer experience and opinions can yield powerful insights. 

Advanis conducts Usage and Attitude (U&A) studies for clients in all its target industries, with recent engagements including:

  • Measuring product usage, satisfaction, and purchase channel preference for early adopters of a photography software application, to guide marketing communications
  • Assessing consumer preferences for branch, telephone, and Internet banking channels to support a national branch hour strategy
  • Helping a national association of registered charities understand awareness and interest in the services they offer to member charities
  • Assessing product experiences among commercial farmers for a leading farm equipment manufacturer

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